Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My First Post

I am happy to be able to post my first writing even though the blog is not what I want it to be just yet. Please be patient with me--I promise there is more to come.

I have read so many wonderful blogs lately and have seen so many lovely images that I find myself asking the question, "what could I possibly have to add to what I have read and seen?". It then occurred to me that God has blessed me so abundantly and He has added such richness to my life that I could tell about it every hour of every day and still not be able to tell it all. I long to share my blessings with each of you and pray it will, in turn, be a blessing to you as well.

My dear, sweet father is a minister and, until three years ago, was my pastor as well. He always told me to follow the dreams God placed in my heart and to lean on the Lord to fulfil those dreams. Having this blog is one of the dreams I have long cherished. My desire is that it will be a resting place for each of you, a comfort for those who are weary and an inspiration to all.

As I learn more about posting, imaging and blogging in general, I promise there will be more than just a post. Until then, God bless each of you.

In Grace,

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