Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amazing Grace

I awoke this morning with the words of the lovely old hymn "Amazing Grace" flowing through my mind. I felt such a peace come over me as the words of the song played across the strings of my heart. My pastor recently preached a message regarding the grace of God. He defined it not only as unmerited favor but more as the Divine influence of God upon the heart of man. I liked that definition.
As a child I felt the influence of grace upon my life most directly from my parents. Daddy was, and still is, a teddy bear of a man whose words came across the pulpit with a mix of love and grace. He lived everything he preached and served God with complete faith and trust. Mother sang her grace. Every afternoon was nap time and, no matter how old we were, we had to lay and rest even if we didn't sleep. It was the priviledge of the youngest child to nap on mother's lap as she sat in her rocking chair and sang the old hymns. "Amazing Grace" was one she sang quite often and she sang it with her voice so clear and strong. I recall falling asleep to the sound of her sweet voice.
Oh! My friends, there is nothing like the safety and security of the grace of God. No wealth or fame can compare to the peace it brings, silver or gold cannot buy its worth, and man is lost without it. It is the divine influence of God upon the heart of man that makes the grace of God so precious. It is what makes grace so amazing!

In Grace,

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  1. Marie,

    I am so proud of your accomplishment. I count it an honor to have such a sweet, graceful friend.