Monday, March 16, 2009

From My Heart

It is really amazing to me how God brings people into our lives to touch our hearts and help us fulfil our goals and dreams. When I first decided to begin my blog, I thought it would be really easy and that I, being of basic intelligence, would be able to achieve it fairly quickly. I was WRONG! It was difficult for me to understand some of the concepts regarding computer language, layouts, graphics and so on. I was near tears trying to achieve my goal.
Then, by chance, I was visiting blogs listed on a particular blog I visit frequently and happened upon Jan and Tom at Rose Haven ( The beauty of their blogsite was an example of exactly what I wanted to accomplish. The best part was the fact that Jan was having a giveaway of a blog header and background which she had designed and which was exactly what I was looking for. As you can see by my beautiful blogsite, I was one of the winners. I am thrilled!!!
Now I fully realize that there is a big difference between achieving this goal and overcoming some of the more serious difficulties of life. But, isn't is so like our Lord to be as concerned over the little things that add joy to our lives as He is over the larger ones that break our hearts? It matters not whether our concerns are big or small, frustrating or truly heartbreaking. The bottom line is that God cares about it all and not one detail of our lives goes unseen by Him.
It is a real joy for me to think of all the things that can be shared between us as we follow each others posts and remember each other in our thoughts and prayers. I do so want to be a blessing to each of you.
May you be blessed of the Lord today with all good things.
Oh--thanks again, Jan. God bless.

In Grace,


  1. You're right Marie...God never ceases to amaze me!! HE does care about every little and big thing going on in our lives...and sends just the right thing, just at the right time!!


    I'm tickled that you like your new blog.


  2. Blessings as this wonderful, new, exciting experience unfolds! God is indeed an awesome God!

    I'm thrilled for you my friend. Now...I'm off to hunt down that PARIS SIGN! We'll find it or I'll make things good. Promise...