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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Grace and Mercy

WOW!  It has been two years since I have written anything on this blog---or anywhere else for that matter.  Most of my favorite bloggers are no longer maintaining their blogs and I just sort of stopped mine as well.  Social media has now become the most popular means of staying in touch but I find it difficult sometimes to adjust to that form of communication.  So, I have decided to resume my writing here.

I have recently moved back to Ohio after having lived in North Carolina for almost 13 years.  My father celebrated his 90th birthday in March and I felt a need to be closer to him as he ages.  My daughter and grandchildren remain in North Carolina while she obtains her nursing degree and then it is my hope that they will return to Ohio as well.

Shortly after moving back to my home state, I was in a horrible auto accident.  I suffered some serious injuries and am now recovering in my son's home until I am able to have my own place.  During the time I have been recuperating, I have had many talks with my father regarding how close I came to losing my life.  As a former pastor my father has wisdom that still astounds me.  Following a pause during a recent conversation he said to me, "Surviving that accident was God's grace and mercy all the way through.".  How true were his words.  I did survive because of God's grace--His unmerited favor and divine influence upon my heart--and His unending mercy--a blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion.

How undeserving we are of these gifts that come from the heart of God.  Many times I have allowed other things to take the time that I should have given to God and let my relationship with Him slide further down my list of priorities.  But how merciful of God to still extend grace and mercy. Though we experience adversity that we think will take us to the grave, God still cares enough to extend His grace and loves us enough to be merciful.  

Oh, how I love Him.  When trials come we learn how important it is to maintain our faith and trust in Him.  We learn that nothing can replace Him, no peace is found outside of Him, and He alone can give us joy unspeakable.  Yes, there are people in our lives that we love and cherish.  There are memories we cherish as well and new memories waiting to be made.  That being said, we must never lose sight of the fact that our first priority must always be our relationship with the one who extends His grace and mercy to us on a daily basis.  

I pray to never lose sight of the fact that he spared my life for a purpose.  I know that I must not let the lessons I have learned remain untold.  I want to know that when I pass from this life to the next the experiences that I have had will become guideposts to those I leave behind.  The words to a precious song recorded by Steve Green come to mind:  "May the ones who come behind us find us faithful...".  As long as God will extend His grace and mercy, and I will do my part to maintain a relationship with Him, then the ones who come behind me will find me faithful.  Praise God!

In Grace, 

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