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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Continuing On

Not many people are writing on blogs these days---including me.  Life and time seem to pass so quickly.  Settling down to write just isn't at the top of anyone's "to do" list.  Technology affords us the opportunity of instant communication and most of us would rather take advantage of a text message or email than to take time to write anything else.  Still, there are instances when something written in another's hand becomes more meaningful than anything money can buy.

I was reminded of this recently when I read my Mother's prayer notebook.  Mother passed away in April of last year and she gave me her prayer notebook before she died.  Written in a simple spiral bound  notebook, her words became more precious than gold to me.  The names of people she loved and the needs of their lives were written in her sweet handwriting with the dates of the entries recorded at the top of the page.  Every new date had the names of my father, my brothers, the grandchildren and the great grandchildren along with others she knew needed prayer.  My name was on the list as well.  I was deeply touched when I read an entry that had listed my name, the needs I had and ended with the words, "I love her so."  Of course, I burst into tears at the thought of how much my mother loved me and how sincerely she prayed for me and all the others on her list.

Oh!  I miss her so.  My mother was more than a parent.  She was a friend, a mentor, an example, and an inspiration.    Life is definitely harder without her and I am lonely without her presence.  No one has meant so much to me as Mother.  I yearn for her touch, her laughter, her wisdom.  She was a godly woman whose daily life reflected her devotion and her love for the Savior she served so well.  And yet, I would not bring her back from the presence of the Lord.  She had suffered so much physical pain from heart failure and had grown weaker in the last year of her life.  Now she is free of that pain and suffering.  She is truly at rest.

Still, I am touched by her handwritten prayers and the example she provided me.  So, I am continuing on with the prayers that Mother began.   I cannot replace her nor can I become her.  What I can do is follow her example of prayer and devotion.  I can learn from her disciplined prayer life and continue seeking God for the needs and concerns of those I love.  Prayer was a privilege that my Mother never took for granted.  It is a privilege that I recognize and value as well.  For that privilege, I am continuing on.  I am certain Mother would like that.

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  1. Going through my old blogs to see who and isn't blogging anymore. I think everything has gone to FB... I miss the old blogs I used to read...

    Hope you are well, friend. Thanks again for the biz!