Thursday, January 6, 2011

Seize the Day

One of my favorite movies is "Dead Poets' Society". It is a story of young men coming of age in a preparatory school in New England. The lives of these young men are most affected by a young, intelligent, caring instructor who teaches English literature and poetry. In the beginning of the movie, the instructor seeks to acquaint his students with the possibilities of each new day and the need to live each day to its fullest. In doing so, he gives them a phrase in Latin, "Carpe Diem", meaning "seize the day". He then says a phrase that has stuck with me since I first saw the film: "Seize the day, lads. Make your lives something wonderful." As the movie progresses, each young man learns, at times painfully, the need for making each day count.
I ponder this statement today with a heavy heart. As you know from reading my previous post, a dear, beloved friend has passed on. I already miss her dreadfully. But, as I reflect upon my friend's life, I realize that she truly knew how to seize the day. She knew, instinctively, how to make each day count. I suppose I knew this about her, but never realized it fully until now. She leaves me a fine example.
As I face a new year, I am determined that each day will be something magnificent. Maybe not magnificent to those around me, but certainly to me. I pray earnestly, from my heart, that God will help me open my eyes to the wonder of life---to its beauty and its fragility. This day will only come 'round once, and I want to make it count. I want to see the need and help meet it. I pray to feel the joy of life and revel in it. I pray for humility and gratitude for the many blessings I have been given. I pray, most earnestly, to live a life of honor and value. I pray to be able to "seize the day", before it slips away with nothing gained from it.
Perhaps these words mean little to those of you who read them. Perhaps they will inspire you today and be forgotten in days to come. As for me, I cannot ignore the message. Everyday is a day to be lived to its fullest---to be valued for its uniqueness---to be treasured for its potential. This is not to say that living life to its fullest will be easy or trouble free. Indeed, some of the greatest lessons to be learned from life are learned in the midst of adversity. It is in these times that we come to understand that the simple pleasures of each day are what makes the day itself bearable.
And so, in the days ahead, I plan to enjoy my simple pleasures. I want to hear my grandchildren laughing, feel the embrace of loved ones, sip tea in the quiet of the evening, and watch the beauty of a setting sun. I want to hear the music of the world, fill my eyes with the beauty of God's creation, and listen to the sound of my Daddy's voice reading from the scriptures. I want to hear my daughter's "I love you, too", my son's "Hello, Mom", and feel my Mother hug me until I can't breathe anymore. In addition, I want to leave behind a life well lived---a life of honor, dignity, and joy. I want to be remembered as a woman who loved life. Above all, I want to be remembered as woman who loved her Saviour and served Him well.
A beautiful, unmarred year lies ahead. It is full of potential, full of memories to be made, and full of time to be savored. May your new year bring you joy untold and peace everlasting. May you be blessed with all abundance. Most of all, may we all learn to "seize the day" and make each one count.

In Grace,


  1. I am sorry your heart hurts Mrs. Marie

  2. Marie.... you are so right.... we must seize the day/hour/minute..... we each have so much to be thankful for.

    As I read what you expressed:
    I want to leave behind a life well lived---a life of honor, dignity, and joy. I want to be remembered as a woman who loved life. Above all, I want to be remembered as a woman who loved her Saviour and served Him well.
    Marie, You are a wonderful example of a good and faithful Christian woman...I can't imagine you doing anything but living a life exactly as you've expressed.
    God bless you!

  3. Thank you for your very inspiring words. I have decided to count my days as a way to be sure that my days count. Each day I write in my journal day...(50, 51 etc.) I am alive! and I try to think of all of the ways my day was exceptional. I also remind myself that each day is a lifetime.

  4. so teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom... ps 90.12
    Grace & Peace...

  5. Hi Marie,
    I am sorry to hear you have lost a good friend.I love your 'seize the day' attitude though that your friend has left as an inspiration to you-good message for all of us.
    Thank you for your very sweet words on my blog today and I am your follower now too.


  6. We don't know the length of our years here on earth. It's sad to say goodbye to a good friend. So sorry for your loss. May the Lord comfort you.

    Life can be hard. May we reflect the love of Jesus to all we meet along this life's journey and 'carpe diem'. I enjoyed that movie too Marie.

    Blessings and love,