Sunday, December 5, 2010

He Came To Me

I know that this is the time of year when all hearts and minds are thinking of the baby in the manger.  I love the phrase, "Jesus is the reason for the season", and I adore hearing my Daddy's rich, baritone voice reading the story from Luke, chapter two.  I love the joy and festive spirit of the season and, of course, my heart sings at the excitement on the faces of two wonderful little guys I call  "Gigi's Boys".  The food, the decorations, the children's plays, and the carols of Christmas are all parts of the season that I remember and treasure.  My precious Mother's homemade treats and my brothers' funny stories, along with the ones told by own children, make this time of year a holiday my entire family anticipates.
But, for me this year, Christmas holds a newer perspective.  My mind is not totally focused on the manger scene, the angel's song, or the gifts of the wise men.  I am singing the songs of the season but I am adding one this year that takes the birth of our precious Lord a little further.  You see, I am thinking of how He came to this earth, a tiny baby who seemed insignificant and unimportant.  I am thinking of how the baby became a man---a man who would be persecuted beyond belief, tortured for hours on a wooden frame, mocked and despised by those He loved, and whose death would bring redemption from a bondage called sin.  Yes, He came, but not just as a baby.  He came as a Redeemer.  He came to the world.  He came to me.
While traveling to my pastor's home yesterday for a social gathering with his wife and daughters, I began to sing a song I had not sung in years.  I prayed as I sang, thanking God for moving in some situations recently that had caused me some concern.  At one point I said these words, "I thank you, God, that you came to me.".  A flood of emotions swept over me as I heard His words in my spirit, "Yes, I came to you.  I came to you when you were fallen and lifted you up.  I came to you when you cried and  wiped away your tears.  I came to you when all hope was lost and showed you how to believe.  I came to you when no one else would come.   When all who heard your cry of despair refused to come, I came to you.  I will always come to you---always.".
I could not stop the praises from spilling forth.  He came to me.  I could not stop the joy.  He came to me.  "When I could not come to where He was, He came to me.".  The words of the song mingled with the praise of my heart---just to think, He came to me.  Read these beautiful words to the chorus of this song:
            "He came to me.  He came to me.
             When I could not come to where He was,
             He came to me.
             That's why He died on Calvary.
             When I could not come to where He was,
             He came to me."

It's true, He came to the world as a baby.  It's true, He gave His life for the sins of the world.  As a tiny baby, born on a day we call Christmas, He was heralded by angels and admired by shepherds from the fields.  He lay in fresh hay in a manger stall and a star told His location.  As a man, He gave His life in exchange for ours.  Oh, but as a Saviour, He excels.  As prince of peace, there is no competition.  As tender shepherd, He is the best.  When I need Him, He is my champion---my hero---my protector.
Of course I will celebrate Christmas with my family and friends this year.  I will make new memories and cherish the old ones.  But, I will not be thinking of Jesus as the manger babe.  I will be thinking of how He came, not to the world, but to me.  I will be thinking that, when  I could not come to where He was,  He came to me.

In Grace,



  1. I miss the songs my mom used to sing....

  2. A lovely intro for your gorgeous new background :) Best wishes, Jenny

  3. Thank you Marie, for your sweet and comforting comments on my blog.....and thank you for this beautiful reminder on your post .....We are sooooo blessed that HE will come to us, even thought we can't always go to HIM....HE will always be here for us.
    I couldn't get through my days without that comforting knowledge.
    God bless you!

  4. Hi Marie: Your blog is always such a blessing. Thank you for always sharing your heart. Blessings, Martha

  5. Marie, I'm so thankful for you! You share from your heart and I love your heart. He came for you and He came for me. How amazing is that? Out of all the people in the world ...He chose us. And all we did was to receive Him.

    Merry Christmas sweet friend. Thank you for each visit to Heart Choices. It means so much to me.

    Blessings and love to you,

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  7. I'm not sure how I ended up on your page, but I'm so glad I did! What a blessing I received from reading your post. I laughed, cried, nd everything in between. Thank you!!