Monday, October 22, 2012

The Blessings Continue

So much has happened since my last post.  I am always amazed at how quickly time passes.  As a child, it seemed like days were long and passed slowly.  I could wile away the hours with books, music, family get togethers, and a host of church activities that would occupy almost every free moment.  Oh, what a wonderful life it was.  My childhood memories are well preserved in heart and mind and I would have those days again. 

Still, filling my days now as an adult, I find myself yearning for new memories and for new experiences with my family and trusted friends.  Second only to the presence of God Himself, family is the best thing we have and the greatest blessing God gives.  I love time spent with my family.

Having recently come through a diagnosis of colon cancer, and surviving two surgeries to remove the cancerous growth, seeing my brother, Dan, was at the top of my list.  How grateful I was to see his face, hear his strong voice, and listen to his laughter as we shared stories of our childhood and my grandsons' latest escapades.  I cannot thank God enough for the blessing of having him with me.  He looked so good and, if I had not seen the scars for myself, it would have been difficult to believe that he had come through such a horrendous ordeal.  God is so good.

Of course seeing my son, John, and his lovely girlfriend, Sarah, was a highlight of my trip.  As I listened to my son speak about his job, his college classes, and his family, I became very aware that he has become a man I am so very proud of.  John is strong, independent, and has a great sense of humor.  He will never know that in the dark days of my life, he saved me from total despair.  John is my only son and I could never find the words to tell how much I love my son.

My youngest brother, Dwight, just makes my day.  I was 15 when Dwight was born and I thought he was all mine.  I spoiled him unmercifully and delighted in his every achievement.  I am so proud of him and love him so much.

I guess I have described my family in such detail because I don't see them very often and they are never very far from my thoughts.  I am so grateful.  My parents raised all of us to love God first, family second and to never underestimate the love a family can provide.  I am thankful for that bedrock of teaching that runs through us all.  It is the tie that bind us together.

Yet, the memories are what are so precious.  Memories of love, sharing, and laughter can quickly come to mind to comfort and sustain me in my darkest moments.  Recalling a funny story, a loving moment, or a special celebration can fill me with joy.  I am a blessed woman.

So, as the grandchildren and great grandchildren begin making their own memories, we "older children" will add our stories as we go along.  The telling never ends---nor do the blessings.  It is the joy of life to remember that God is ever present and never leaves or fails.  I am so grateful for that abiding presence in my life and the lives of those I love.  There is nothing that can take His place, no love greater than that of our precious Father God.  To be loved by God is the greatest privilege of life and the greatest blessing I have received.

The blessings continue and I give Him praise.

In Grace,


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  1. did I miss this about your colon cancer? :( I'm soooo sorry! I was just visiting my favorite blogs and yours is on my list. I am praying you are ok and doing better now.

    Didn't your brother, Dan, have CC, too? :( My brother lost a kidney to cancer about three years ago....

    Anyway...thinking of you....and praying.

    Love, Rebecca