Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't Lose Your Vision

I had to get new glasses recently. For some time now, I have only had to have reading glasses. I didn't pay too much attention to the fact that my poor vision made reading without glasses nearly impossible. I just put them on when I needed to and took them off when I didn't. However, a couple of months ago, I noticed that I was having trouble with seeing things clearly from a distance. While standing at the foot of a patient's bed, I could no longer make out the numbers on the heart monitor. I would have to get really close to read the display without squinting. So, I went to the eye doctor and my vision had changed dramatically in two years. He gave me a new prescription for bi-focals and now my vision is perfect. Hmmm, a simple correction in my vision has made all the difference in how I see things.
I believe our spiritual vision can suffer dramatic changes as well. When we begin our walk with the Lord, all is right with the world. We look at life through the lens of His spirit and we see all the good things that surround us. We realize we are blessed with life, health, family, friends, and many of the things we love that make life so rich and full. We look forward to the possibilities of each new day and revel in the blessedness of what God has done for us.
As we go along, though, and times of testing enter into our lives, we suffer a marked change of vision and perspective. Our focus becomes the awful agony we are enduring. Our despair becomes our way of life and our faith seems insignificant in the face of it all. We seek God, but feel He does not answer. We yearn for someone to understand and, seemingly, there is no one. Our sense of aloneness amplifies our already hurting spirit and we plunge deeper into the depth of hopelessness. We cannot have hope because we cannot see God in this situation.
As I write this, I am reminded of Peter. Though he was given the keys to the kingdom, he still did not understand what having faith was all about. That is, until he was trapped in a boat---in a storm---with no help available. As he and the other disciples cried out for help, the vision changed. They saw Jesus. They didn't just see Jesus, though, they saw Him walking ON the water. Thinking they were seeing a "ghost", they now cried from fear. Their vision and trust in Jesus had become so poor, they could not even recognize Jesus when He came to them. Oh, but Peter, the Rock of the disciples, stepped out by faith. At the the Lord's invitation, he walked on water to go to Jesus. He had gone from despair, to faith, and, alas, back to despair. The scriptures teach us that when Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the storm, he was so overcome with fear that he began to sink into the stormy waters surrounding him. Jesus immediately reached out His hand and lifted Peter out of the raging storm. How like Jesus is that?!
How difficult it is to see Jesus sometimes. Life is not easy and, sometimes, my spiritual vision is dimmed by the hardship I am enduring. I need a change of vision. I recall a story I was told as a young Christian: A young newspaper editor began to suffer difficulties with his vision. Even with corrective lenses, his eyes began to fail. Since his occupation depended on his vision, he was devastated to think that he might be losing his sight. While seeking a second opinion, the doctor asked him what he did for a living. He then inquired of him where the young man lived. Upon discovering that the young editor lived in a house high above the foothills of Appalachia, he gave him very strange instructions, "Your vision is poor because you are constantly looking at things up close. Your ability to see distance has almost disappeared as a result. When you go home, you must do nothing that requires close vision. I want you to sit and look into the distance. Look at the grandeur of the mountains on the horizon. Look at the sky above. Look at the beauty that surrounds you and your vision will correct itself.". What wonderful advice!
How awful it makes us feel to consistently look at nothing but our problems. How depressing that is. But, somehow, when we look to Jesus, our vision changes. We see Him standing near, ready to come to us at a moment's notice. He stands ever so closely and is ready to reach out His hand and lift us from the storms of life. When we look ahead to the glorious promise that awaits us, the promise of Heaven and eternal rest with Jesus, our Lord, oh, how the vision corrects itself. Things of this life pale in comparison to what we see in our spiritual sight. The blessings of our lives become visible again as the problems become bearable when we see Jesus. Look to Him, today. He is near, He is present, He is waiting. Look to Him.

In Grace,


  1. I love the way you write. God Anointed.

    Bless you~Rebecca

  2. Glad to hear the new glasses helped. I love the mountain story. Enjoy your week, Jenny

  3. Oh, Marie.......You are such a blessing!!! Thank you for sharing!
    Blessings for glasses......first thing I grab when I wake up in the morning!
    Hugs to you!

  4. Sweet M...

    Your box was taken to FX yesterday but the address comes up questionable. :( It may have something to do with the Apt. #, etc. Not sure. Can you please send me an email and verify it for me. I'd hate to have anything LOST:( like last time.

    Thank you, friend of mine. You have blessed me so much.


  5. Oh a visual adjustment can always be made! Thank you for the reminder!

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog and following. I am enjoying your blog. :)