Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Praying As Before

Sometimes maintaining a prayer life can be so difficult. We face circumstances and situations that bring us so low, we can hardly find the words for prayer. There have been times when all I have been able to do is just lay my head down and weep. Prayer seemed so futile in the face of my agony. Of course, this was my brokenness taking over and dissuading me from seeking the Lord. I am reminded of the scripture regarding King David. He and his men had just come back from the war front only to find their city burned and their wives and children taken captive. The scriptures tell us that the men in David's army were so grieved that they "...wept until they had no more power to weep.". I know how that kind of sorrow feels.
Another great Bible hero has given me such inspiration when I face difficult times. Daniel was such a great prayer warrior. In scripture we are told that he prayed morning, noon, and night. With his face toward Jerusalem, he sought God faithfully each day. No matter what the circumstance, Daniel prayed. When he was taken captive as a young teenager---he prayed. When he faced hatred and enmity from the king's advisors---he prayed. When all was going well---he prayed. No matter what came into his life, or how difficult daily life became, Daniel prayed.
There came a time when those closest to the king began to plot against Daniel. Challenging his devotion to his God, a decree was made that would cost Daniel his life if he continued in prayer. The story continues by pointing out how Daniel entered into his chamber, opened his windows, faced toward Jerusalem and "...prayed as before". Nothing would stop him from seeking help from God. Nothing could break the trust that Daniel had placed in a God that could not fail.
How many times have my life's battles brought me to my knees? How many times have I been driven to seek the Lord because nothing else would do? Oh, dear friends, I have found such solace in seeking Him---such peace in knowing He is ever present---such comfort in the midst of my sorrows. There is no one who can take the place of our God and the richness of His presence. Somehow, when life brings us low and joy seems so far out of reach, prayer brings us into the throne room of God and we bask in His love and mercy. The circumstance may not change, but we do. We have come to source of our life's supply and He has given us what we need to go a little further.
I yearn to be a woman of prayer. I desire to be faithful and true, trusting the God I love so well to meet all my needs. I am reminded of the words of President Lincoln when he said, "I have often been driven to my knees by the realization that I had no where else to go.". There are those times when we don't know what to do---except continue in prayer. God is faithful and He will never leave us. Whatever comes, good or bad, I long to face it well. I hope to carry on no matter what life brings---praying as before.

In Grace,


  1. Hi Marie: I wanted to tell you that your post really ministered to me today. I have felt very much like all I have is prayer. It is nice to be reminded that great men prayed and God heard! I just need to stay still, and remember that He is God. I hope all is well with you. Please let me know if I can pray for any need you might have. Blessings dear friend, Martha

  2. Oh Marie, I want you to know what a blessing you are to me. Your words of love and wisdom are so touching, and truly lift my spirits!
    Thank you dear friend!

  3. Thank you Marie. A visit to your blog helps me take the time to stop and reflect on each day. By coincidence I was going to email you today to see how you were. Warm wishes, Jenny

  4. Marie whenever I read your posts, I get to glimpse a little deeper into your heart and what I find there is so beautiful and rich with love and knowledge and kindness. Thank you for letting me see a little more.
    thank you too dear heart, for always leaving such beautiful words to make my days brighter.

  5. thanks for coming by...isn't Joshua sweet....

  6. I have had the pleasure of doing a review of "Graceful Moments" and I'm more than happy to inform you that your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

    I want to commend you for the fine job you are putting forward with this blog and I'm very honored to add you to our women's blog directory.

    Please continue your outstanding work and watch for the monthly blog contest where you can win a spot to have your blog listed in the Featured Blogs section!

  7. Marie you are a wonderful person and it shows in every post your create and comment you leave fro us. You truly touch my heart my friend. Thank you very much.

    Have a wonderfully blessed week.
    ~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

  8. Marie I forgot to mention how happy I am for you about your recent weight loss! Oh that is just so fantastic! *Smiles*